Monday, April 27, 2015

Favorite Accessories

Ok I just have to start out by saying that obviously and by far my favorite accessory is my engagement ring.  I love the ring and the person who gave it to me and all that it symbolizes of what is to come.

All mushy stuff aside I have to say I love a good headband.  Generally the bigger the better.  I don't usually go for a subtle look when choosing a headband.  I have long swoopy bangs so headbands are great on days my bangs are not cooperating or are in need of washing.

I have quite a few bows from Ruby Blue who has a shop on Etsy.  My favorites are the lace ones but I have few other ones too.  As much as I don't try to be subtle in terms of the size of the bow on my head I tend toward more neutral colors for my everyday bows since they go with more outfits.  I have off white, grey, black and purple.  Yes, I consider purple a neutral in my wardrobe. 

In addition to my everyday bows I have a few bows that probably won't get too much wear except at Disneyland but I couldn't resist dressing up for Disneyland. I am all for sparkles but I just can't quite justify wearing these at home.

My other favorite headbands are these Zella headbands that can be found at Nordstrom in the Activewear department.  Depending on the length of my bangs, most of the time they don't stay back on their own when my hair is in a pony tail without either a head band or a ton of hairspray.  I wear these headbands to the gym and I have 3 or 4 of them in rotation.  Since I wear them to the gym I am really glad they are machine washable otherwise I would have some smelly headbands.  

I also love statement earrings and long necklaces but I decided to stick with one favorite type of accessory for the day.  Stay tuned for a future post on my favorite jewelry and where I get them.


  1. Your engagement ring is gorgeous! And, you totally pull off those headbands! Have a great Monday! XOXO

  2. My rings are my fave accessory also! PRetty rings!! And i've got to check those zella bands out!

  3. Your engagement ring is stunning! ...and girl, you can sure rock a headband! ;) On a side note, I LOVE that you mentioned Disneyland! I'm a Disney fanatic and can totally relate to bringing a little extra sparkle to the Parks! :)
    Have a fabulous week!! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate