Wednesday, April 22, 2015

One More Disneyland Post

You have heard about my outfits and a restaurant review but here is a brief (ok maybe not brief) recap of my trip.

My fiance dropped me off at the airport and I met up with my friend and we were off!  We stopped by our hotel, put our bags in our room, changed clothes and caught the shuttle bus to Disneyland and were in the park before noon.  We had decided that we would spend Saturday in California Adventure so that is where we headed.   

We grabbed a Mickey shaped pretzel for snack and started riding rides.  We went to Hollywood Land (or whatever it is called) and Bug's Land and rode most of the rides and then headed to Carthay Circle Lounge for our late lunch.  It is just about the slowest, shortest ride in the park but both of us have a special place in our heart for the Heimlich's Chew Chew Train so of course we had to ride it.  Hollywood Land has pretty much been taken over my Frozen but I love Frozen so that was ok with me.  There were a couple of different places to take pictures with various Frozen characters but we left those long lines to the people with small children and decided to come back later to do the other Frozen activities we wanted to do.

After lunch we wandered around Cars Land and ended up getting delicious soft serve ice cream cones from a place shaped like a giant orange traffic cone.  I wasn't going to stand in line for the Radiator Springs Racers (the line was massive) and the other rides in Cars Land were under construction so we headed over to the Boardwalk area to ride some more rides.  My friend can't ride many of the "fast" rides (she has a back issue) so I took full advantage of both the Fastpasses and the every awesome single rider lines.  

After we made our way around the Boardwalk area we stood in line for Midway Mania.  This is the only ride we were willing to stand in line more than 30 minutes for because it is pretty much the best ride ever.  After that we had dinner reservations at the Wine Country Trattoria which included reserved tickets to the World of Color show.  We finished dinner around 7:30 and both looked at each other and decided we would rather go do a few Frozen activities and then call it an early night instead of staying for World of Color.  

The Frozen activities were much less crowded at this point and we went into the building and saw the snow!  We also saw some pretty adorable Olaf foods.  I don't know if they were delicious or not but they were pretty. 

We ended up on with a room on the 9th floor of our hotel with a view facing Disneyland so we actually got back to our room about 15 minutes before the fireworks started and were able to watch them out our window in our pajamas.  We woke up fairly early the next day and were in Disneyland within 30 minutes of the park opening.  We took this opportunity to ride every ride in Fantasyland (except Peter Pan which was closed) including the Casey Jr Train where we pretended to be monkeys like all adults do.  They had added some new effects to the Alice in Wonderland ride that were very cool so we had to ride that one more than once!

We made our way around the park in a logical order in order to end up in New Orleans Square for our lunch reservations at the Blue Bayou. After lunch we did the rest of that area before heading back to our hotel for a mid-afternoon rest.  That evening we had dinner in Downtown Disney before heading back into the park to do Adventureland and then the fireworks.  I love fireworks!

On Monday we again got up and to the park within 30 minutes of it opening so we headed to try and do Midway Mania one more time before the line got too long again.  The line was only about 20 minutes so we were happy!  After a few rides in California Adventure we headed over to Disneyland to ride a few rides that we really like for a second time.  After riding a few rides we shopped our way out of the park and had a late lunch (and some ice cream) before heading to pick up our stuff at the hotel and head to the airport.  

We got to the airport quite early since we weren't sure about the traffic at 4:30 on a weekday but it ended up being a non issue.  Our trip home was non-eventful until we got back to San Jose and discovered that my bag wanted another night in Orange County. I got it back the next day and they gave me a $50 voucher so it really was not that big of a deal.  That voucher and I are already trying to figure out when I can go back!

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