Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favorites-Carthay Circle Lounge

Another Disneyland post!

I have talked about how I love to go and sit in the Carthay Circle Lounge and have a late lunch so of course I had to do it on my latest trip.

We ended up at Carthay Circle the first day.  This is a great place to head to when the weather gets too hot but we lucked out completely with the weather this trip and the highs all three days we were there were in the mid 70s. We got to the park around noon and had a Mickey pretzel for snack, did a few rides and then headed to Carthay Circle around 2:30.

There are so many yummy looking drinks on the menu I try to have different one each time I go.  I decided to go with Pimm's Punch (on the right) and my friend had a non-alcoholic blackberry lemonade.  Both of the drinks were delicious and a perfect little treat.

The last time I was in Disneyland I had this Queso Fundido and I remembered it being really good.  We ordered it to share and it didn't disappoint this time either!  If you take a look in the picture below you can see in the background how much we liked it.  

In the past there has been a shrimp sushi roll on the menu that was really good but it has been taken off the menu apparently.  After ordering our drinks and deciding to share the Queso Fundido we asked the waiter for recommendations.  He recommended the Salmon Roll and the Mediterranean. Flatbread.

Well...everything we picked out was delicious but we didn't end up really liking either of his recommendations.  The Salmon Roll was ok and I ended up eating about half of it before starting to get full but there was some sort of sauce on the flatbread that gave it a really bitter off aftertaste.  We both took about 2 bites of the flatbread and left the rest on the plate.

Even though we didn't end up like all the food this time we still had a really nice time relaxing, drinking pretty cocktails and people watching.  A great start to a great trip!

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