Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Decorations

Now that Easter is over I magically tuned my Easter decorations into Spring decorations.  Ok maybe it wasn't magic but it was pretty easy.

I took out all of the eggs and replaced them with fake flowers.

I added an extra little grass on our bar and used the rest of my flowers there.  I also threw in a vase of nice springy real flowers.

My door hanger is not terribly large but it too has springy flowers.  I found this in the dollar section of Target.  Gotta love Target!

My spring banner decorates the empty wall across from our dining table.

Speaking of spring, we had a very warm winter and my fiance and I figured it was only going get warmer from this point on so last week we turned off our pilot light. Of course as soon as we did that the weather got quite a bit cooler.  Not cold by any means but colder than it had been in at least a month or two. It actually rained on Sunday and last night for the first time since January. We need the rain so I was happy about that but it was just ironic that as soon as we turned our heater off for the year we could actually have used it.  

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  1. So pretty!!! Love the spring banner! I LOVE (and am maybe too obsessed) with the $1 section at Target ...