Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Favorites-Getting a niece

I am the oldest of my sisters and the oldest of the cousins on my mom's side (the side that lives locally) so I don't have any biological nieces or nephews yet.  My fiance is the third of four kids so one of his brothers has an eleven year old daughter.  This means that an added bonus of getting married is that I will get a niece!

My future brother in law was at our house last week delivering to us all the Girl Scout cookies my fiance sold at his work on behalf of his niece.  Yum cookies!

My future brother in law, sister in law and niece live in Southern California at the moment but will be moving up near us over the summer.  We are very excited to get to take our niece all kinds of fun places when she gets here.

While talking to my brother in law about thinks my niece likes he mentioned she likes taking baths with bath salts.  Now we are talking my language.  I love baths and I love fun bubbles and fizzy bath bombs.  I asked my brother in law if she liked fizzy bath bombs and he said she had never had one.  Ok, this was a problem I had to fix!

I was off on Tuesday so I went to Lush in the mall and picked out a few fun bath fizzies and bubble bath bars to send to her.

I got a fun little robot fizzy, a cute bunny that is likely to turn her bathwater pink and a sherbet scented bubble bar.  I smelled many many bath products at the store and tried to pick out ones that were cute and had scents I thought an 11 year old might like.  I hope she likes them!

I am off to the post office on Saturday to mail these cuties to her along with some type of card that will probably have glitter on it.  Oh yeah and I am going to mail our taxes off while I am there.  Doing what has to be done!

Yay Friday. Linking up my Friday Favorites with Andrea

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