Friday, April 24, 2015

More Wedding Planning

This Friday I am thinking about Hawaii and our wedding. We leave for Hawaii with my family in just under 2 weeks!  We have 3 churches that we want to look at while we are there but our first choice (from the pictures) is this Little Blue Church.

In case you can't tell that window over the alter looks directly out onto the ocean.  This church is so cute and I love the idea of being literally steps from the water but as you can tell it is not a very big church.  We are planning on having a fairly small wedding with probably less than 50 people in attendance but it looks small.

This size of the church is our biggest concern so we are also looking at two other churches while we are in Hawaii in case this church is really just too small.  Cross your fingers but I am confident that even if this one is too small that one of the other two will work.

I have wanted to have my wedding at the Mauna Kea for years so we have decided that is where we will have our reception.  We know we want to have it there so on our trip we just have to meet with their planners to choose where at the resort to have it and work on other details.

This is the open air lobby of the hotel and the rest of the hotel is equally gorgeous.  Even though we are not staying there I am sure I will come back from our trip with tons of pictures of the hotel.

Imagining this view from my wedding reception just makes me smile.  I can't wait to go and get more details of the big day planned!

Happy Friday!

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