Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How I Got My Name

Before I was born my parents didn't know if I was a boy or a girl so they had to have names prepared in both cases.  If I were a boy my name would have been Robert Charles Taylor III or Christopher William Taylor.  My parents didn't have to decided between their two chosen boy names because I was a girl.  Actually they never had to make a decision because I have two younger sisters!

My first name of Catherine is after my dad's grandmother on his mother's side.

This is her at her 100th birthday party.  Yep that's right she lived to be over 100 years old which means I got to meet her and attend her party.  I am not in the picture but I am sure my cousins are thanking me for posting this picture of them in lovely late 80's children's fashions.  She is my only great-grandparent that I got to meet and I can only hope that my children will be fortunate enough to meet one of their great-grandparents too.

My middle name is Lacey which was the maiden name of my grandmother on my mom's side.

I love this picture of my mom, her parents and her siblings.  Doesn't my grandmother look so elegant in that dress.  I don't know how it got saved but the dress my grandmother is wearing in this picture is hanging in my closet today.  I don't wear it very often but every once in a while I have an occasion to bring out this dress and I feel glamourous every time I do.  My grandmother died when I was about two but I think she is where I got my love of fashion from.

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  1. Oh my gosh your grandmother's dress is stunning. How wonderful that you have it! It vaguely reminds me of my favorite family portrait that included extended family. It was taken around 1976 or 1977. I was a little girl & fully embracing the Little House on the Prairie craze so was wearing a calico dress complete with BONNET! My younger brother was in a polyester leisure suit. My uncle was also wearing a suit--a three piece DENIM suit! My older cousin was wearing a full length shapeless dress that read 'night gown'...I could go on and on. My mother however was wearing an amazing black wrap dress that I wish she'd kept as i would totally wear it today. You can never go wrong with a classic black dress :)