Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Life Lately-A little bit of fixing up

I can't believe that today is the first day of April!

I was actually off of work yesterday because it was Caesar Chavez Day.  Not a holiday everyone gets but I will take it.  It was weird going to work Monday and then having Tuesday off and then I am going to work Wednesday through Friday.

My fiance and I have been living together in our condo for just over a year and this past month or two have been full of both little and big improvements that are just making life more comfortable.

As you may have heard we bought a new dishwasher and I love it!

This lovely little appliance has made our evenings so much nicer now that we can just put the majority of the dishes into it and turn it on every few days before we go to bed.  I am still working on teaching my fiance the correct way to load a dishwasher since he didn't grow up using one but I think he loves it more than I do. I have a feeling he loves it so much because he was the one that ended up doing the majority dishes.  Oops.

Even before we got our new dishwasher our kitchen was getting improved.  My fiance went to replace our old smelly garbage disposal with a new one and the old garbage disposal was rusted to the sink.  This resulted in us having to replace the whole sink.  We decided while we were at it if we were going to have a beautiful new skin we should also get new fixtures too.  We ended up getting a slightly deeper sink that what we had before and you wouldn't think it would make that much of a difference but it did.  We had the dishwasher installed by the store but my fiance installed the sink all by himself (with a little help from me) and while it was a bigger project than either of us anticipated it turned out perfectly.

We had been talking about getting new knobs for the kitchen cabinets for for a few months so while we were at Home Depot getting supplies for our new sink I picked out new knobs.  The ones we had before were horrible white plastic.  These look so much better.  Now if only those cabinets would magically make themselves into something more attractive it would be great.

Speaking of my very handy fiance just look at that beautiful coat closet.  Back in the fall as my fiance, sister and I went to grab our coats out of this closet on our way to catch a plane to Seattle everything in this closet fell out at us when we opened the door.  The lovely white metal wire shelving that came with the condo had collapsed and come out of the wall.  When we got back from Seattle and went to install something new we discovered the original stuff had not even been put into the studs in the wall.  No wonder it fell out of the wall.  My fiance put in a new sturdy metal bar and a wooden shelf in that is properly anchored into the studs this time!

Not quite the same as the other improvements but last weekend we bought some new sheets for our bed.  These sheets are made of bamboo and are so soft. I washed them today and just put them on the bed.  I can't wait to sleep on our new sheets tonight! Our new sheets are a nice neutral grey color so now I am on the lookout for a new duvet cover to go with them.  I bought a light purple one the other day but when I put it next to the sheets I didn't like the color combination as much as I thought I would so back to Nordstrom it goes.  After seeing a pastel color against the grey I think I need to find a brighter more jewel-tone duvet cover to keep the bed from looking too washed out.  Wish me luck!

A little bit at a time we are making our condo a little more comfortable and as always decorated for every holiday or season known to man.  Come back next week to see how my Easter decorations transition into spring decorations.

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