Monday, March 30, 2015

Nails Nails Nails

I love getting pedicures.  I love the way my toes look when it is done and I definitely love someone massaging my feet and legs.  In fact I get them so consistently every 5 or 6 weeks that I honestly don't think I have cut my own toe nails since I graduated college.  Kind of embarrassing but true.

I have had my toes painted pretty much every color of the rainbow.  I tend to do darker colors in the winter and brighter colors in the summer but it really just depends on what I am in the mood for when I go to the nail place.  I tend to pick out OPI colors at the salon because I know they last pretty well because as much as I love getting my toes done I can't afford to have to get them done every week or anything crazy like that.

My fingernails on the other had are not painted most of the time.  I paint them myself every few months and get them done a few times a year unless I have a special occasion like a wedding coming up and then I am sure to get them done.  I actually got my nails done the last time I had a pedicure as a treat to myself.  I always get my finger nails done in some sort of light pink or another neutral light color like a pretty pale grey so that when they start to chip it doesn't become noticeable as fast.

I have no idea what the light grey color is called but the pretty pink is an OPI polish called "Kiss on the Chic".  You can always count on OPI to come up with the most clever names for their nail polishes.