Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Little Bit More Wedding

My fiance and I had our second wedding meeting a couple of weeks ago just to touch base on the details we had been working on.  My fiance has narrowed our church choices down to three and I have found a handful photographers that are possibilities for our engagement pictures.  Now we both have to start contacting these places and work out the details.

We are planning to have our wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii and it just so happens that we (along with my parents and sisters) are going there in May to celebrate my mom's birthday.  We are going to look at churches and the hotel I want to have the reception at while we are there.

Right now I feel like I have so much (almost too much) time to plan this wedding and I want it to be as low stress as possible so I am trying to get as much stuff done this far in advance so I can try to relax as it gets closer.  I figured the best way to stay organized was to buy a planner.

Of course it shouldn't surprise anyone that I picked a planner with a purple theme.  It has a two year calendar and lots of blank pages for all kinds of notes as well as pages to keep track things like bridal party/groomsman contact info and pages to list vendor information.  It even has some check lists and timelines to help as a guide.

I love stickers and this planner came with all kinds of stickers.  There are a bunch to put on the calendar pages with specific wedding events like showers and rehearsal dinner and then reminders for all kinds of other things that need to be done. There are also blank stickers so you can write your own to-dos on which I am sure I will have.  Hello buying sunscreen!

There are still a ton of things to figure out but at least it will be organized and colorful.  We are hoping to officially have picked our date (we have 2 in mind) and church by June and then we will be on our way!  I am going dress shopping at the end of May with my mom and most of my bridesmaids and I am so excited.  I love shopping and what little girl doesn't dream of wedding dress shopping.  I won't be able to post pictures of the dress I actually pick (just in case the fiance reads this) but if I end up in any really hideous ones I will be sure to post pictures for everyone to laugh at!

There are some very cute quotes spread though out the planner but I just love this one:

As sappy as it sounds I really can't wait to marry my fiance and continue our adventure together.

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