Friday, March 6, 2015

A few of my favorite people

One of my very favorite pictures of my sisters and my fiance

Enjoying a very warm Thanksgiving in Southern California with my fiance and his family

On our way to Seattle for a bridal shower

And now on our way to Seattle for the wedding

I have known these girls for over half my life!

Most of my college roommates

More college roommates

Having a blast with my family in Germany

My grad school partner in crime

Running while wearing fabulously silly costumes is half the fun of Bay to Breakers

One side of my family

And the other

I can't wait to have all my favorite people help me and my fiance celebrate our wedding next year! Just a little (or a lot) more planning to go to make this a reality but at this point I am just at the excited point instead of the overwhelmed point.

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