Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up-Daylights Savings Time. Yuck!

Hello Monday!  You are not making me like you any more by being the Monday after daylights savings time.  You may not be my favorite day of the week but you are here I guess I will make the best of it. 

 Friday night my fiance and I had a nice quiet night at home and we watched the last episode of Agent Carter that aired a few weeks ago.  I sat on the couch with a glass of wine and read blogs with a candle burning.  It was lovely.

Saturday we lounged in bed for a good chunk of the morning getting up every so often to switch the laundry (gotta have clean clothes) until I got hungry. After I ate brunch I headed off to the post office to mail a few packages (Liz your Christmas present should be there before your birthday!) and oh my goodness did it take forever.  I always forget that the USPS is one of the least efficient businesses ever.  Even with a line practically out the door the clerks have no sense of urgency!  

After my stressful trip to the post office it was off to the mall for some retail therapy. Ok so really I went there for a purpose but I just ended up taking a few detours along the way. My poor laptop is getting old so in preparation for having to probably get a new one sometime this year I went to the Apple store and asked the poor staff a lot of dumb questions.  I think they were glad to see me leave but laptops are expensive and I want to make the best decision for me.  Any advice? 

My fiance has been complaining of getting old because he has gotten some sun spots/age spots on his face so I went to Sephora to get him a face cream to reverse them and prevent them.  I know he doesn't wear sunscreen everyday and has super dry skin so this Clinique moisturizer seemed to be the best option.  I smelled it to make sure it didn't smell girly and since it doesn't I am hoping he will wear it and that it will do what it says it will do.  It has good reviews but I will report back later on its success. 

After I did what I came to the mall to do I decided it was time to stop by the Loft.  I had tried a really cute dress on there last weekend but I needed the dress in a petite size instead of regular.  The store only had the dress in regular sizes last weekend and even though it was available online in petite I am kind of between sizes in petite Loft dresses so I was still contemplating which size to order.  This weekend the regular sizes of the dress were completely sold out but they had gotten in petite sizes on Thursday.  Success!  I got to try it on and get the correct size without having to order 2 and return the one that didn't fit. Such a pretty dress! I can't wait to wear it on my vacation in Hawaii in May.

I ran to Costco (always an adventure on a weekend) before heading home for another quiet evening at home.  Even though I went to bed at a reasonable time I woke up Sunday morning just exhausted.  I had lots of productive things planned for the day but as my fiance had to remind me many times yesterday sometimes my body has other plans and I have to listen.  I don't think my exhaustion had anything to do with daylights saving but I can still hate daylights saving time anyway.

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