Friday, March 27, 2015

Only 2 weeks till Disneyland

On my girl date a couple of weeks ago my girlfriend and I decided to take ourselves to Disneyland.  We have been talking about a trip to Disneyland together for over a year and she has a week in April off so after a little hotel and airplane research we decided to go for it.  We were able to find reasonable airfare and hotel rooms so we took it as a sign that we should just book it and go!

We fly out first thing Saturday morning so we should be in the park around lunch time and fly home Monday evening so we can stay in the parks until mid afternoon.

My traveling partner loves the Blue Bayou so we made our reservations to have lunch there on the Sunday of our trip.

We also made dinner reservations at the Wine Country Trattoria for dinner on Saturday night so that we can watch World of Color in the special reserved area.  We were not sure how crowded the park would be while we were there so we decided that dinner reservations that came with passes to World of Color would just be easier than trying to rush to get them when we get there at lunch time on Saturday.

My favorite little secret tip (shhhhh) for dealing with warm weather (which we are likely to have) is to have a mid-morning snack, hello churros or pretzels, and then have a late lunch at the Carthay Circle Lounge during the hottest part of the day.  The upstairs part of the Carthay Circle is a fairly fancy expensive delicious restaurant but the downstairs is gorgeous lounge that serves fancy bar food and fabulous drinks.  It is usually pretty quite in the middle of the afternoon and you can sit in the air conditioned lounge by a window and just people watch and rest your feet for a bit.  The food is good and the drinks are amazing.  The bar tenders are so knowledgeable and sitting in a 1920's styled bar drinking old fashioned drinks is enough to make even a sweaty tired girl feel swanky.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not likely to be wearing any sort lace up/tennis shoe unless I am going to the gym.  Knowing how much walking Disneyland involves I decided that this trip called for me to buy a pair of sensible but still cute shoes.  I wanted something that would look decent with a skirt or dress and not just pants.  You can convince me I need more sensible shoes but good luck getting me in pants for 3 days straight (especially in warm weather). I ended up settling on these Keds.  I wore them today (to break them in) with a skirt and they actually looked pretty cute.
Another thing I very rarely wear, except to sleep in, are shorts.  I have lost 15 pounds so far so I decided to go and try on a few pairs just to see how it went.  Knowing I was going to Disneyland in April and then Hawaii in May I decided to buy this pair at The Loft.  They are cute and girly and the major selling point is that they are long enough to fully cover my butt because really no one needs to see anyone's butt sticking out of their shorts.

While I was at The Loft I couldn't resist these colorful earrings.  They are not really for my trip but they were too cute not to purchase.

Ok so I have some outfits and we have some dinning reservations now all I have to do is wait two more weeks and I will be off on my Disneyland adventure!  Don't worry many pictures of the adventure to come after the trip!

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  1. Hey Cathy! It's nikki. Are you gonna be in disneyland on the 19th by any chance?

    1. No, I am going to be there the 11th to 13th and your brother said he thought you might have an annual pass so I was going to text you to see if you were around (and off of work) when I am there. I know John and Lori are going to be at a Star Wars thing the weekend after I am there. Are you going to that too?