Monday, March 23, 2015

Easter Decorations!

Pretty much as soon as St. Patrick's Day was over this year I broke out the Easter decorations since there is only about 3 weeks between the two days this year I wanted as much time enjoy my Easter decorations as possible.

I got these cute springy Easter kitchen towels at Target and I think they brighten up my little kitchen.  Well they try!  There is only so much that can be done when the cabinets are a lovely shade of yellowy beige

I don't normally decorate the TV stand but I had extra eggs and extra grass after I decorated my normal places I decided to make a little nest.

Instead of using that neon plastic grass that is all the rage this time of year I went to the fake flower department of the craft store and bought some dark green grass.  It just looks so much better than it would with neon grass!  I think that bunny is meant to be put outside in a garden but oh well.

Don't mind all the random other things that are on our bar but look at how cute that tree is.  Thank you Target dollar spot!  I had a vase of flowers that my fiance gave me on the bar but I forgot to take a picture of them before they died.  The flowers just made the display so much more springy but oh well I guess I will just have to get more. Hint hint fiance.

I have an egg garland that I have not put up yet but other than that my condo is all decorated for Easter!


  1. I love that cute little tree in the last photo! Pretty decor!!

  2. Such fun and cheerful Easter decor!