Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Disney Outfits

Sorry for the long blog absence but I have been away having Disneyland adventures.  As usual I was not the best at taking pictures but I did manage a few of my Disney inspired clothing and bows.

When it comes to favorite Disney characters Minnie Mouse is not one of the first to come to mind but this trip I ended up kind of having a Minnie Mouse trend in terms of outfits.

I bought this bow to wear as part of my Halloween costume and actually have not worn it since but I figures if you can't wear a sequined bow to Disneyland than where can you wear it!

I bought this bow on Etsy specifically for this trip.  It is not quite as big as I imagined it to be so it gets a bit lost when my hair is down and going everywhere but it actually ended up being perfect to hold my bangs in place when my hair was in a ponytail.

Our second day there was our only full day in the parks and we took a break in the middle of the afternoon to rest and change our clothes.  That morning I bought a Minnie shirt with bows and polka dots to go with my bows.  You can't see it too well but it looked really cute with my bow!

Stay tuned for a full recap of my Disneyland adventure and all about our meal at Carthay Circle Lounge.

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