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Show and Tell-My Favorite Vacation

What!?! You want me to try and pick my favorite vacation I have been on?  Not happening!  I love planning trips in fact I have been known to offer to plan trips for other people even if I am not going on the trip.

I have been on quite a few trips and pretty much all of them have been fabulous so I can't pick just one.  I decided to pick a location I would go back to over and over again and two jumped to the top of the list of places I have been to more than twice.   Disneyland and London (and England as a whole) are both locations I have visited multiple times.  I am going to Disneyland on Saturday and have almost 30 years worth of pictures from Disneyland so this week Disneyland is my favorite vacation

My very first trip to Disneyland was in October of 1987 when I was almost 4 years old and my love of Disneyland had begun.  This trip was just my mom, my dad and me (my little sister was about 1 and stayed home with my aunt and uncle).  I am not sure what their logic was but one of the first rides my parents took me on was The Matterhorn.  I was having a perfectly fine time and not scared of the fact that the ride was a roller coaster but as soon as I saw the Abominable Snowman I freaked out.  Fortunately this did not scar me and I rode many other rides that I enjoyed.

I went once with my mom, dad and my little sister some time around 1989 but I don't have electronic versions of any of these pictures.  The first time we went as a family of 5 sometime around 1992 we took along my youngest sister's godparents.  Just look at those fabulous early 90's outfits we were rocking! We to Disneyland every 2 years or so during middle school and high school but again I don't think I have electronic versions of any of those pictures.

I went to college about 35 minutes away from Disneyland so from that point on I went to Disneyland on a much more regular basis.  This picture of me with my friends and Rafiki is one of my favorites.  This was over 10 years ago and we all look so young in this picture.  This is the day I bought my first annual pass to Disneyland!

Obviously the best thing to do on the Casey Jr Train is to ride in the animal cage and pretend to be monkeys!

Goofing around in Fantasyland waiting for the rain to subside.  The good thing about going to college so close and having an annual pass is that you can just go for a partial day and not feel like you have to see everything because you know you will be back.

The next few pictures were taken on the last trip to Disneyland I took during college.  We knew we were graduating and all going different places so we made sure we took lots of silly pictures to commemorate the adventure.

Waiting in line for ice cream!  Speaking of ice cream don't these sundaes just make you want to reach out and grab them.  I have never had a bad ice cream sundae there.

I have got to say as someone who has been eating Disneyland food for almost 30 over the last 5-10 years Disney has really stepped up their food offerings.  Is no longer just expensive fast food but there are some really yummy (and usually even healthy) options.  These cocktails and sushi are from Carthay Circle Lounge in California Adventure and it is one of my favorite place to beat the heat.

While I was in college not only did I have an annual pass but my parents and sisters got them too so they came to visit pretty often.  

Now that I am an adult I don't usually bother to stand in long lines to get my picture taken with the princess but if I see one who doesn't have a long line I don't hesitate to get my picture taken.  Here we are with Cinderella (my little sister's favorite) and my favorite (Belle).  When I have a daughter (or a son) someday I look forward to taking them to meet Belle (and any other character they want to see) at Disneyland.

Now that I am a "real adult" I don't get to visit Disneyland quite as often but I have managed to make it every year or so since college.  One of my best friends shares my love of Disneyland so her we are modeling some fabulous 3D glasses before going on Midway Mania!

If these is something Disney does exceptionally well it is holidays.  I can't believe I can't find any pictures of me at Disneyland at Christmastime but Halloween is also pretty awesome.

Maleficent is my favorite villain and I have never seen her just walking around so I had to get my picture with her!

A few of my favorite rides in no particular order are Mr Toad's Wild Ride, The Matterhorn, Midway Mania and The Tower of Terror.  After my upcoming trip I promise to post lot of pictures along with my tips for having the best trip possible.  Ooooh now I am even more excited than I was before.

Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea at Momfessionals!

2016 Update: Disneyland is still one of my favorite vacation locations.  Last year I ended up deciding to get an annual pass so I got to go to the park may times and took many pictures.  Here are just a few from my year at Disney

I am probably not getting an annual pass this year but I am hoping to make at least one trip down to the "Happiest Place on Earth"! 

2017 Update: I actually did decide to get an Annual Pass at the end of 2016 so have gone a few more times and had a few more adventures. I just got back from my latest adventure so come back next week for a full recap but here are a few recent photos:

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